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Digital Workforce is not a distant trend - it's here, ready for you today.

DigiStaff.io. Through it, you can hire Digital Staff to undertake high volume and repeatable tasks for the IT Service Desk and other functions so that human Staff can concentrate on more valuable jobs. After bringing Digital Staff to your organization, you are on your way to creating a mixed workforce where digital and human Staff collaborate for more business value.

What does Digital Staff bring to your company?

Scale, lower costs, higher efficiency and improved efficiency.

Digital Staff Experience with DigiStaff

Joining Digital Workers is easier than you think. Our market is designed so that visitors can easily find the most suitable Digital Staff for different Service Desk tasks within their companies.

Build the Future of Business Today

With DigiStaff, companies can hire Digital Staff to work with people and make things better. See CEO Murat Çim and other DigiStaff leaders launch DigiStaff.io and mark the beginning of a new era for the Future of Business.

Roles and Skills

Through DigiStaff.io, your company can join pre-trained Digital Staff as Service Desk Engineers, who can support support issues both independently and in collaboration with human Staff, providing immediate business value. Our market also offers Digital Staff for Customer Service, HR, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare, and will soon offer more industry-specific roles.

Optional Customer Service with Digital Staff

Today, businesses are dealing with huge increases in customer service inquiries, both through physical communication centers and online channels, and many find it difficult to keep up with growing demand. Customer service queues and waiting times have expired and customer satisfaction is accelerating.

The Digital Worker can collect and trigger customer calls and queries at the first touch, answer questions and process questions, and direct calls only to human representatives when needed - which creates positive experiences for everyone. 

For Customer Service 

Digital Staff- DigiStaff

Expectations for customer service are changing. Call centers experience huge increases in call numbers and try to keep up. Businesses must provide end-to-end personalized user experiences that can be used 24/7. Hire a Digital Staff for Customer Service to deliver superior customer experiences and grow your business. Skills available in DigiStaff.io include :  

  • Product / Service Order Management 
  • Product / Service Information Management 
  • Payment and Contract Management 
  • Customer Portal 
  • Appointment Management 
  • Company Information Management 
  • Contact for rental

IT Service Desk Engineer For Level 1

Digital Staff- DigiStaff

Digital Staff automate IT Service Desk tasks end-to-end and can create up to 1,000 queries per month. They also integrate with your existing IT management systems so they can start working right away. With Digital Workers, you can eliminate long waiting times for IT support, solve problems faster, and make your human Staff more productive. Skills available in DigiStaff.io include:

  • Password Reset 
  • Outlook Configuration and Troubleshooting 
  • Unlock Accounts 
  • Printer and Device Configuration and Troubleshooting 
  • Wi-Fi Setup and Troubleshooting 
  • Open, Close, and Manage Support Tickets 
  • Web Conference Setup and Troubleshooting 
  • VPN Troubleshooting 
  • USB Request Management 
  • Troubleshooting Single Sign-On Issues 
  • Lost Device Reporting 
  • New Equipment Requests 
  • IP Phone Troubleshooting 
  • Contact for Rental



58% of the work to be done by your support team can be made by digital Staff.



Incoming calls MTTR (mean time to resolve)



Digital Staff- As a result of human operator harmonious work



The correct response of the works at once and the rate of 60% frequent improvement in the solution time increases customer satisfaction.

For Human Resources Support Specialist Digital Staff - DigiStaff

Provide always-on HR and administrative services that can support hundreds of user queries every month with Digital Staff. From spending management to PTO planning, travel coordination and more, Digital Staff can take on repeatable HR and administrative tasks, saving time and increasing productivity for Staff, managers and executives. Skills include: 

  • Expense and Advance Management 
  • Recruitment Management 
  • Payroll Demand and Control Management 
  • Training Request and Planning 
  • Permission and Absenteeism Management 
  • Office and Meeting Management 
  • Transportation Coordination 
  • Contact for Rental


Let's take out the digital twin of critical positions for your business and turn it into a digital worker with the most time-consuming and intensely repeatable actions.

Scale and Improve Your Service Support with Digital Staff

Current global conditions force many businesses to relocate in-office workers to remote home workers. If your company needs to provide IT and HR support for an increasingly remote workforce, Digital Workers can quickly solve this problem.

Support Your Remote Staff

Eliminate long IT support waiting times for your remote Staff, solve problems faster, and make home workers productive as if they were in the office.

Job Interview of DigiStaff

With over 20 years of experience, DigiStaff can make any IT department better. Watch his interview for the IT Service Desk Engineer position by answering questions about his skills, job history and references.

For Telecommunications 

Digital Staff - DigiStaff

Superior Customer Support with Digital Workers ™

Proven Expertise in the Telecommunications Industry. Leading global Telco companies can hire DigiStaff to upgrade their customer service operations and scale them with sudden search volumes. They can work with human colleagues for years to provide best-in-class user experiences. 

  • More than a chatbot: DigiStaff completes telco customer service tasks on its own
  • They are pre-trained to perform multiple tasks, regardless of volume 
  • At Telco call centers, they specialize in frequently asked questions such as contract time, fines, balance inquiries and more. 
  • Trained to solve problems related to internet, voice, SMS or other connection issues 
  • Simplifies operations for service cancellations, SIM card changes and mobile plan changes 
  • Communicates problems to human operators only when needed 
  • It is available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc. 
  • Handles multiple topics like a human operator using terms that users can easily understand 
  • Safely integrates with large platforms and backend systems like Avaya, Genesys 

Contact for Rental

For Banking Digital Staff - DigiStaff

Providing Optional Banking Services with Digital Staff

Proven Expertise in the banking industry. Leading global banks, retail banks and financial institutions can use DigiStaff to upgrade customer service and scale on demand. He has years of digital banking experience working with human colleagues for best-in-class user experiences.  

  • More than a chatbot: DigiStaff completes its banking tasks on its own 
  • They are pre-trained to perform multiple banking tasks, even at high volumes 
  • Specializes in credit card issues like new cards, payment disputes, reward balances and more 
  • Manages digital banking accounts to provide declaration and balance and process transactions 
  • Simplifies mortgage processes to help customers investigate interest rates, submit pre-approval applications and make policy payments 
  • Communicates problems to human banking staff only when needed 
  • It is available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc. 
  • Works like a human banking representative, tackles multiple issues using banking terms that users can easily understand 
  • Safely integrates into major banking platforms and backend systems  
Contact for Rental 

For Insurance Digital Staff - DigiStaff

Provide Scalable Insurance Services with Digital Staff

Proven Insurance Industry Expertise. Large insurance companies with millions of insurers can rely on DigiStaff for customer service. It has many years of experience and greater customer loyalty in the field of home, automobile and life insurance, working with human agents to create personalized user experiences.

  • More than just a chatbot: DigiStaff completes insurance missions end to end 
  • Pre-trained to perform multiple insurance duties regardless of volume 
  • Can specialize in policies, diseases, claims and more
  • Helps customers to research policy rates, get pre-approval and pay 
  • Maintains industry compliance by updating skills with the latest insurance regulatory requirements
  • Communicates issues to human insurance or customer service representatives only when needed
  • It is available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc. 
  • It works like a human insurance agent, addressing multiple issues using terms that users can easily understand 
  • Safely integrates into large insurance platforms and backend systems 

Contact for Rental

For Health Sector Digital Staff - DigiStaff

Provide Advanced Health Services with Digital Workers

Proven Expertise for Better Experiences. Leading global brands rely on DigiStaff to deliver service and scale contact center operations, regardless of volume. He has years of experience in various sectors that can be applied to healthcare use cases.   

  • More than a chatbot: DigiStaff completes tasks on its own. Pre-trained to take on multiple tasks simultaneously, even at high volumes 
  • Acts as a speech agent for patient comfort and care 
  • Book, reschedule, or cancel patient appointments with providers 
  • Provides patient scans for chronic conditions such as diabetes 
  • It works alongside health call center agents to perform clinical tasks so providers focus on patient care plans
  • Communicates problems to human Staff when necessary 
  • It is available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc. 
  • Integrates securely with back-end systems 

Contact for Rental

COVID-19 Assistant

Interact with DigiStaff to better understand your risk of COVID-19 coronavirus transmission by answering a series of screening questions recommended by the CDC.  

  • Talk to text or voice with DigiStaff 
  • Answer a series of screening questions related to symptoms or potential risk factors
  • Access general information about COVID-19

How Can You Hire Your New Digital Staff?

Getting started with Digital Workers through DigiStaff.io takes just a few steps. Using the intuitive user interface of the marketplace, visitors can easily find Digital Staff with IT Service Desk skills and other people who can be deployed within their company.



With the Qbitra Hyper Automation platform, DigiStaff analyzes the processes of the Staff and analyzes which steps will be carried out by DigiStaff, in which steps and in what cases, and impact analysis.


Removing and Analyzing the Digital Two of the Hired Staff of the Current Human Staff


Creating flows of integration with end-to-end audio, bot and different systems with Qbitra HyperAutomation platform


Digital Staff is tested according to scenarios and experience is enhanced with adaptations


Automatically columns the number of digital Staff with system capacity planning according to the volume of transactions

DigiStaff's unique infrastructure is activated 70% faster than normal RPA and has 50% more competence.


Ovum By Market Leader Recognized As Speaking AI Technology

By recruiting Digital Staff supported by DigiStaff through DigiStaff.io, users bring transformative Speech AI to their companies to create business value. 

DigiStaff is the product of years of market-leading innovation. Unlike chatbots, they observe, learn, understand and improve their skills over time. With its new avatar, DigiStaff brings human-like tone, speech, expression, emotion and understanding to its interactions, brings deeper user connections and faster resolutions.

How Do Digital Staff Value?

When you join Digital Staff through DigiStaff.io, you'll join some of the world's leading global brands in building the Future of Business, digital and human colleagues collaborate on critical functions, roles and projects. 

 Learn more about how you can transform your organization and build your own hybrid workforce with Digital Workers.

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